Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Poetic Sense | Show Stopper

2009 is almost over, people!
So here's one for the road..
See you guys back in 2010!

Have fun reading..

Greets, Wes aka Mr.I-Will-Stop-Asking-For-Comments-in-2010!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poetic Sense | Verloren Identiteit (Lost Identity)

There are people walking around daily who I feel are losing
or have lost their identity.
Always be you. No matter what.

As always: Love it, hate it, read it, enjoy.

Greets, Wesley aka Mr.I-Hope-I-Get-More-Comments-On-This-One!PS: Yep, this is one is completely in Dutch!

UPDATE// If by some reason the PSense is small, and almost impossible to read,
please let me know!

Here's a Wallpaper for ya!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poetic Sense | Persona Non Grata

Persona non grata
(Latin, plural: personae non gratae, also abbreviated PNG),
literally meaning "an unwelcome person," is a term used in diplomacy with a
specialized and legally defined meaning.

The opposite of persona non grata is persona grata.


Greets, Wesley aka Mr.Empire-State-Of-Mind

It won't hurt to leave a comment, right? (hint, hint)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poetic Sense | Rewind

To whomever that is reading,

Doesn't it sound cliché, that a lot has happened in such little amount of time?
Well, the thing is, luckily we continue to go on with our lives, weither we take
it for granted or not. And because time continues to march on, even though
it feels we're barely keeping up, a lot can happen at the same time.

I found myself looking back, and even though it may seem I'm looking back too
often, I feel that in order to learn from my mistakes, I need to learn from the
past. I'm a strong believer that we choose our own destiny, that we have got to
live our own lives. Yet, there are those significant events, that helped change
your life forever. Those certain things someone once said, the wrongs you did
to another, or maybe what others may have done to you.

This Poetic Sense marks a few headlines that I've bared ever since I was little.
Off course there are more I could mention, but in a way these mark important
turning-points or milestones (if you will).

If you read this, and feel or know that you made a difference, then thank you.
Thank you for having been there, for being there, or maybe our lives haven't
intertwined yet. What ever it may be. Thank you for reading this.

Enjoy the Poetic Sense.

One. Wesley IJmker aka Mr.Who-Needs-Deadlines?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Poetic Sense | H.A.T.E.

Hi everyone,

Even though I still got no internet, I couldn't stay behind, could I?
Still coping with the loss of the King of Pop, haters will talk anyway.
It's summer, people.. and it's freakin' hot! So, let's all take a break
from the drama, bullshhh, and smile some more! Have a drink.
Get out whenever you can. The summer is too short to let it go to
waste! So get ur Ricky Martin on & shake what yo'momma gave ya!
Get ur laptop out if you have one, and read my new Poetic Sense!

Greets, Wesley IJmker aka Mr.-I'm-About To-Kick-KPN's-Booteeeee

"The King is dead, long live the king"

Update: I so kicked KPN's hiny. I won: That contract is no more!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Due To a Conflict With..

Hi, there..

In case anyone is reading this:
Due to the fact that I'm caught up in a brawl with my internet-provider (KPN),
it might take a while before I can post a new Poetic Sense. I'm actually in the
library right now, and I'm still waiting for the conflict to resolve.

So instead of a poem, I leave you with a quote:

"While pointing a finger, three fingers point back."
Never blame another your own shortcomings and mistakes.

Love, Wesley

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Poetic Sense | Hourglass


Thank you for the posted comments and mail about the blog!
Keep posting comments, gnagna! No, but seriously.... Thanx.

This time I got influenced by Allison Dubois, before someone

thinks I'm jackin' words, her take on time made me think.
So here's my take..

Here comes another one!

Greets, Wesley aka

And he
re's the wallpaper!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Poetic Sense | Changing Channels

Hi everyone!

I kinda had trouble writing this one, and since I felt
that I really had to write
it before the month was over..
Well, let's just say I waited until today.. Haha.

And as you all might have noticed that I found yet another
way to 'share' the
Poetic Sense. Let me know what
you think of it, k? Post a comment!

As always.. Enjoy!

Greets, Wesley aka Mr.I-Got-A-New-Apartment! Wooha!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poetic Sense | Deflection

Hello everyone!

So how's 2009 working out for everyone?
It's strange how things can change with only one digit.
But it's real who people, who continue to do real things.
So if thanks is due, then I thank you.
If not? Smile anyway , haters need love, too!

And as always, enjoy this one!

Greets, Wesley aka Mr.I-Got-Deflection-Factor-1! LMAO!

Ps: Was I late again? I'll make it up!