Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poetic Sense | Rewind

To whomever that is reading,

Doesn't it sound cliché, that a lot has happened in such little amount of time?
Well, the thing is, luckily we continue to go on with our lives, weither we take
it for granted or not. And because time continues to march on, even though
it feels we're barely keeping up, a lot can happen at the same time.

I found myself looking back, and even though it may seem I'm looking back too
often, I feel that in order to learn from my mistakes, I need to learn from the
past. I'm a strong believer that we choose our own destiny, that we have got to
live our own lives. Yet, there are those significant events, that helped change
your life forever. Those certain things someone once said, the wrongs you did
to another, or maybe what others may have done to you.

This Poetic Sense marks a few headlines that I've bared ever since I was little.
Off course there are more I could mention, but in a way these mark important
turning-points or milestones (if you will).

If you read this, and feel or know that you made a difference, then thank you.
Thank you for having been there, for being there, or maybe our lives haven't
intertwined yet. What ever it may be. Thank you for reading this.

Enjoy the Poetic Sense.

One. Wesley IJmker aka Mr.Who-Needs-Deadlines?

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